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How to correct keys on the text

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Sometimes there are just incredible keys, for example, “Instagram followers buy”. Do not give up and throw the order. It is necessary to creatively solve this problem and write such sentences in which the key will be natural. Always remember that the search system has its own peculiarity: they do not notice official words (pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections and other stop words) and punctuation marks. This helps the copywriter to be a bit freer in writing text with complex keys.


As for punctuation marks. Of course, we can not say that they are not familiar to search engines at all. It would be more correct to say this: they see them, but they do not take them into account. The search system considers punctuation marks as if denoting the end of the meaning part, therefore they are called stop symbols. The hard-to-insert key “Instagram followers buy” cited earlier for an example, the search engine will count as one phrase. But if this key is divided by the punctuation marks “Instagram, followers, buy”, then for a search robot it will consist of three different parts. What will be the result of the issue – is unknown.


Some optimizers believe that punctuation marks in the key are very bad, it’s better to insert service words into such a construct. Others believe that if the search system does not respond to service characters, it doesn’t matter whether the stop words and punctuation marks separate the key phrase. Therefore, before starting work with a new customer of texts, it is desirable to find out which CEO system dominates in its understanding.


Here are some options for integrating keys into the body of an article:


Unchangeable keys. The optimizer prohibits changing these key queries. Some keys are inserted quite difficult, and if the customer does not want to break the style of the text, then it is necessary to coordinate with him all possible options for integrating the key phrase. Of course, most often SEOs select normal meaningful phrases (for example, “buy real instagram followers”), but sometimes they “overestimate” them with a set of words similar to the above example.


The words in the key can be changed. Well, when the task says that the words in the key can be declined in accordance with the meaning of the article.


There are stop words in the keys. If you put into conjunctions and prepositions in complex key phrases, it is much easier to make them humanly meaningful (of course, the key will already be inserted not quite accurately, so you should discuss this issue with the optimizer in advance): buy real followers, real for Instagram – on Instagram and t .d


There are punctuation marks in the key. First, we substitute punctuation in the head into a complex combination of keywords, and write it down, resulting in readable text.


Keys can be inserted into the text by any acceptable options. But when the style does not allow the use of the key in its original form, then this issue should be discussed with the optimizer. Moreover, it has long been believed that search engines are less and less take into account keywords, preferring well-readable texts written specifically for people, and not for robots.

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